Sunday, May 31, 2015

A visitor

Somebody left the back gate open (not me!) and I had a visitor in my back yard.

I stayed in the house until she left. I took several more photos as she kept a wary eye on me. The golf course behind my house closed four years ago. The greens have overgrown. A neighbor said it would take millions of dollars to restore it into a golf course and investors wouldn't be able to recoup their expenses. I'm happy to leave it as a nature preserve, though I would like a way to make that status official and permanent.

Another photo to share:

This is the miniature lilac bush at the edge of my deck taken six days ago. Three days later a storm came through and knocked all the blossoms off.

May has been a cool month. There have been a few days over 80 degrees, but it hasn't gotten hot enough for long enough for me to need my air conditioner. There have been several cool days (and many just right for riding my bike). Two days ago it was warm. Yesterday was cool with a couple storms through the area. The river through the golf course has flooded, though the course is overgrown enough I can no longer see flooding from my house. Tonight will be cool, low perhaps 45F. So here we are at the end of May and I have to turn the furnace on.

A couple important drains in my house have clogged. I asked my handyman for a recommendation for a plumber, a guy who has done work here before. I called on Wednesday, called again on Thursday. He hasn't called back. I called the handyman again and got another recommendation. I called that guy on Friday. He hasn't called back. I contacted a guy at church today who might do some of the work, but our schedules won't align until Wednesday morning (I'll be visiting Dad tomorrow). But it looks like I'll need someone else to do the rest of the work. Home ownership is such fun.

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