Monday, May 18, 2015

Younger at heart

I had an appointment with my nutritionist today. Over the last week my heart has been occasionally fluttering. This has happened before, but many years ago. At that time I had various tests done, including a 24 hour monitor (not the best sleeping companion). The doctor said the recording showed many instances where the heart indeed fluttered. But, he said, it wasn't worth treating.

The heart doctor wasn't interested because it isn't a problem with the heart, said my nutritionist, it is a problem of the thyroid. The thyroid is, of course, affected by the stress of having my father in the hospital. So she tested me for supplements to help with the thyroid. I also had a heart test – she clipped a sensor on my finger and it analyzed and reported lots of cool information. It also computed the biological age of my heart, which it said is 34 – a year younger than the last time I did this test 19 months ago. Bicycling and a low-carb diet have been good to me.

The nutritionist also tried some new tests on me, more of what my friend and debate partner would find bizarre and baffling. She determined the magnetic stripes on credit card and driver's license and the batteries in the car key fob and in my watch are affecting me, and not in a good way. She recommends that whenever possible I take the keys and wallet out of my pockets and take off the watch. I guess I'll live a timeless life.

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