Saturday, August 5, 2017

Driven to violence

Fans of the nasty guy are known for chanting “Lock her up!” as well as other violent slogans. There have been incidents of assaulting the “wrong” type of person who attends one of his rallies. Various people are beginning to talk about what happens if we progressives get our wish and the nasty guy is impeached. Some, such as Julian Assange, are forecasting violence on a much larger scale – though by “forecasting” he is actually encouraging.

The nasty guy has portrayed himself as the savior of their world – especially the misogyny and racism parts of it. They finally have someone in the government on their side (well, they think they do). And along come those hated liberals (who will actually do more for them than the GOP will) and try to kick the nasty guy out (never mind the GOP is currently in control of the House, which does the impeaching) – and gives their savior a boot. The profound disappointment and desperation likely will drive at least a few of them to violence. The open question is whether that becomes a civil war.

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