Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Freeze people out of care

Back in April Bernie Sanders said there should not be a litmus test on abortion for Democratic candidate. Now Bernie is calling for a litmus test on single-payer health insurance.

Many of us are puzzled how it is that Bernie has so much control of the Democratic Party, considering he isn’t a Democrat. Some Democrats say it is because Bernie’s base is the most energized. In reply other say Bernie’s base is only the loudest.

Melissa McEwan of Shakesville has a few things to say about Bernie’s call for single-payer health insurance. First, as McEwan has said many times, abortion is healthcare. Can’t have a litmus test for single-payer without also having a litmus test for abortion.

Second, remember the Hyde Amendment? It was passed back in 1976, so it’s understandable you don’t remember. It says the federal government will not pay for abortions.

Single-payer means one entity – the government – pays for all medical care. With the Hyde Amendment in place, zero women will have abortion coverage.

Take it a step further. As long as Congress has the ability to decide who is allowed to have care, they will use that ability. And single-payer will give them control over the whole population. Don’t like transgender people? The rest of the LGBT community? Fat people? The disabled? Single-payer could freeze them out of care.

As we talk about single-payer in particular and universal healthcare in general we have to talk about this. Starting with Bernie.

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