Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Oh, just shut up!

Hunter, writing for DailyKos, has a bit of background on why the nasty guy issued is ban on transgender people serving in the military. GOP members in Congress demanded that the military should not pay for transgender transition and hormone therapy. Various lawyers and staffers now had to explain this to the nasty guy, including nuances of ramifications and legal backlash. And including warnings against both the GOP policy and an outright ban.

But the nasty guy wasn’t getting it and lost patience. So he issued the series of tweets banning transgender people in the military “as an attempt to stop his own staff from asking him further questions on it.”

Last week I mentioned Sen. Jeff Flake’s criticism of the GOP, calling out it’s increasing alarmist rhetoric. Hunter notes that Flake hasn’t been following his own advice. He’s had several chances – votes on key GOP policies – to demonstrate the different way he is calling for. And he’s followed the party line each time.

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