Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Believe the proper thing

Essayis Terrence Heath takes a look at the segment of the GOP that kept Bush's approval rating from slipping below 22%. That same bunch supported Palin and now has pushed Bachmann to second place in polls of GOP prez. candidates. Heath notes for this bunch it makes no difference how smart you are (there is an anti-intellectual streak), how good you are at accomplishing something, or how knowledgeable you are. Nope, it is all about whether you believe the proper things.

I see this in Fundamentalist Christianity. They are concerned whether your doctrine is correct, not whether you are actually following the commandments of Jesus to love one another. Correctness of belief doesn't work any better in government than it does in Christianity.

So Bachmann appears to be a nut to everyone else. But to her base she is saying all the right things.

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