Thursday, July 5, 2012

Doing as the Romans do

I don't know if I'll get time to post anything over the next couple days, so I'll tell you about my plans now. I leave Sunday for a month-long vacation.

Though I lived in Germany for two years and did a lot of traveling I never made it south of the Alps. So the main focus of this trip is Italy. I land in Rome and spend most of a week there. Then I'm off to Florence for another almost-week. The Italian part of the trip is interrupted by a trip to Hanover, Germany where I will be one of the teachers at a handbell workshop. I only found out about this opportunity a month ago (a previously scheduled teacher had to withdraw). After that long weekend it is on to Venice for another almost-week. Another reason for Italy is the desire to get to Venice before sea levels rise and cover the place.

But the travel isn't over! From Venice I head to Liverpool for another International Handbell Symposium (the 11th I'll attend). This is the big reason why I am heading across the Atlantic. The three weeks in Italy are a bonus, taking advantage of already being in Europe.

Yes, I'll be in Liverpool while the Olympics are in London. I'll be flying into and out of Manchester, avoiding Heathrow completely.

There are five flights during this trip -- and none of them are direct. I'll get to dash through airports near Newark, Zurich (twice), Munich, and Washington.

Many hotels will have Wi-Fi, so I'll take my netbook along. That means when I have some time in the evening I can check email (but don't count on daily response) and post to this blog. And now that I have a digital camera I can include photos. So I won't completely disappear for four weeks, but this blog will become a travelogue and probably won't cover any gay news. If that's the only reason why you read my posts, come back after the first weekend in August.

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