Friday, July 6, 2012

Signs of the battle's progress

Timothy Kincaid posted a series of articles on Box Turtle Bulletin titled "You know that you've lost the 'protect marriage' battle, when…"

The individual posts complete the sentence this way:

"… you sue the State of New York because Republicans conspired to pass marriage equalty." The suit said some GOP senators violated the open meeting rules when they met with Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg behind closed doors. The court ruled against them.

"…less than 10% of Republicans in Iowa consider overturning gay marriage to be a high priority. And when people who consider themselves “social conservatives” and Rick Perry supporters endorse marriage equality." Polls show that if the GOP manages to regain the state legislature and to get a marriage protection amendment on the ballot sometime after that, the amendment would probably lose.

"… the Presbyterian Church (USA) comes just narrowly votes down allowing same-sex marriages (338 to 308) and everyone knows that it will pass in two years." No marriage equality yet, but delegates recognize the younger, more pro-gay, representatives will have a stronger hand next time.

"… the United Methodist Church in Washington votes to endorse the marriage referendum, Referendum 74." This referendum would approve marriage equality. The endorsement came from the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference. We may have failed a the international level, but at the state level we're doing just fine.

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