Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Siesta, or Italian equivalent

I am sitting in an internet cafe at the moment because the hotel will not route my netbook through to the internet. It is something about cookies and the error message is no help. Neither is the hotel.

Pardon any funny characters you might see. This is an Italian keyboard and it has some extra vowels and other things are in different places.

I am also at the internet cafe because my hotel reservations were messed up -- two hotels for one night. If Orbitz wants to be my travel agent they have some changes to make. Alas, to change the reservation in Florence I had to cancel one and rebook. But even with freeing up a room it says there are none. So I have a different hotel. Albergo Firenze Hotel, Piazza de Donati. I am quite annoyed with Orbitz!

I have a much more complete post, but no way to get it onto the internet right now. I am fine, but hot -- Italians do not crank up the AC. And there is no AC in the Colosseum. So perhaps an afternoon in a fan-blown internet cafe is not such a bad idea.

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  1. Hi The Crow,

    I am part of the Orbitz Customer Relations Team and we’d like to more about this issue. Please email us at and include your Orbitz Confirmation number so that we are able to investigate further. Thank you for your patience and for reaching out. We look forward to hearing back from you.

    Orbitz Customer Relations
    Chicago, IL