Friday, July 27, 2012

Travelogue – opening ceremonies

Ah! BBC News isn't showing the Olympic opening ceremonies! They're only doing human interest stories about people who are in the show, such as talking to the parents whose kids are performing. Bah!

So I switched to channel one. The show looks pretty cool though the commentary is in Italian. And without commercials. Or at least not until 45 minutes into the show.

I think I followed the story of Act I. The video of Daniel Craig collecting the Queen was pretty weird and her jumping out of the helicopter made me laugh. I noticed how much of her they showed when she jumped. Why are the kids in the Signing Choir in their pajamas? Oh, they're doing a hospital scene related to bedtime stories. I did catch the commentators mention Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, and Harry Potter, presumably as bedtime stories.

Rock music through the decades wasn't so interesting. It looks like time for lighting the flame. I think it is bedtime before the athletes enter.

The show started at 10:00 local time. It is now after 11:15. Early day tomorrow

At least I'll be home in time for the closing ceremonies.

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