Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Travelogue – Ancient Rome

Tuesday, July 10 was my visit to Ancient Rome, starting with a morning in the Colosseum.

Then on to Arch of Constantine. He was the one that made Christianity the state religion.

Palatinate Hill, where various Caesar's built their palaces. I overheard a guide say the hill is half brick, half dirt. When one Caesar wanted a new palace he knocked down the old one, put some dirt over it and built a new one. That way his hill was higher than it was for the previous Caesar.

The Roman Forum (lots of ruins).

And Capitoline Museums. This is the courtyard with a few statues in it. Note these are pieces of a mighty big statue (compare to the size of the door).

The Capitoline Museum had a special exhibit about various kinds of documents that had been in the Pope's personal archives since about 1600. Lots of different people had reason to correspond with the Pope. There was even a note on birchbark from Native Americans wanting the Pope to intercede for them.

It was hot. I drank lots of water and filled my bottle at every public water source I passed.

I tried to post this on the evening of Monday, July 16 (the same day as the first photo post), sitting in the lobby to do it, but my blogging service choked on uploading photos. I found it could upload four at a time, but it choked on that. I went back to one at a time, but that failed too. I sure hope I can post this trip before I get home.

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