Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fostering confusion

Texas and Wisconsin Voter ID laws were overturned (or at least made a lot less strict) by courts. But officials in both states are still not complying. Some of that is intentionally fostering confusion (a friend of suppression). Some of it is outright lying. Other suppression tactics:

* Refusing to open polling sites on reservations in Nevada. In some cases voting requires a 275 mile round trip.

* Refusing to open an early voting site at the university in Green Bay, Wisconsin. A clerk actually said it is because students lean towards Democrats.

* Also in Wisconsin, switching the deadline for absentee ballots – not postmarked by 8:00 on election day, but received by the clerk by that time on election day.

* In North Carolina, sending mailers to bad addresses and, when returned as undeliverable, challenging the voter’s registration. They made a mistake of doing that to 100-year-old Grace Bell, who raised a ruckus.

Rigged election you say?

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