Sunday, October 30, 2016

Six hundred days

Mark Sumner, writing for Daily Kos, notes that when FBI Director James Comey opened that latest can of worms on Hillary Clinton’s emails…
He had literally no idea what was in the emails, no reason to think they’re related in any way to his investigation. What he did know was: The emails were not on Hillary Clinton’s server, the emails were not from Hillary Clinton, the emails were not to Hillary Clinton, and the content of the emails is completely unknown because Comey didn’t even both to secure a search warrant before he dashed off his hugely ill-advised letter to Congress.

Peter Daou of Shareblue adds this whole email thing was manufactured by the GOP. To take down Hillary they needed a scandal, any scandal, and Hillary’s emails was it. At this point that “scandal” has now been in the news, as in the big media outlets, for six hundred days. It is to the point that Donald Trump can’t talk about her emails for more than five minutes at his rallies because his audience loses interest. We’re tired of hearing about it.
The American people have a sense of proportionality. 600 days on emails to the exclusion of issues that affect their daily lives makes them more inclined to support Hillary Clinton, not less.
Trump and the GOP are sure to overreach. The jolt of a new round of unhinged attacks against her will further energize her supporters to go to the polls. And if 600 days of relentless email coverage didn’t derail her, 10 more days won’t do it either.

A guess here… The next prez. will appoint a new FBI Director. If he hasn’t been fired before then.

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