Monday, October 10, 2016

The flavor of support

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream has a long history of social activism. The company has declared its support for Black Lives Matter through a tweet. They said, “Choosing to be silent in the face of such injustice is not an option,” and asked readers “to join us in not being complicit” in devaluing black people.

Since B&J is known for puns in the flavors of their product – they honored Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead with Cherry Garcia – a few tweets in support of B&J proposed new flavors: Cherry-it Tubman, Underground Rocky Railroad, Rainbow Coalition, Thurgood Marshmellow, Rum & Raisin Awareness, EmpowerMint, and No Justice – No Peach.

Back in 2008 Hillary Clinton did an interview with Philadelphia Gay News in which she promised to include global LGBT rights as an active part of foreign policy. She kept that promise, though as Secretary of State instead of President. She also promised to speak with the paper again if she became the Democratic nominee.

Eight years later she kept that promise too, though writing an op-ed rather than doing an interview. Clinton calls for the passage of the Equality Act and says we must address the ongoing violence against LGBT people.

Donald Trump was offered space to write an op-ed. He declined.

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