Friday, October 28, 2016

We pause for this update

One piece of my music composition program wasn’t installing properly after my system crash a month ago. The company said I needed to install a couple updates to Windows 7. But each attempt hung. I went to Microsoft. Of course, MS doesn’t provide such help; they’ve turned that over to a community forum and rely on nerdy people who love to help. Well, OK. I asked my question.

The answer was a link to a previous problem-resolution page. The Microsoft Windows Updater utility has a bug in it. And yes, when the updater has a bug it can’t fix itself and all updates stop happening. So the instructions were to manually download a particular couple of updates and run the Updater on them. Then I could run the Updater and let it find the updates I don’t have – all 241 of them. That took a few hours out of my day.

I reinstalled the reluctant bit of my music program and tried it. It started! Now to figure out where the various files are to be put so the rest of my music program recognizes them.

Those forum instructions say MS is steering Windows 7 to gather data for the mothership, just like Windows 10 reportedly does. The instructions say to never do automatic updates and when specifically asking for updates only install the ones having to do with security.

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