Sunday, July 9, 2017

And can afford

A few items to share with you as I get back to resisting the national mess.

Melissa McEwan of Shakesville reports and comments on a disturbing incident. Rachel Maddow received a document supposedly top secret. Maddow did what a good reporter is supposed to do and concluded the document was fake. The fraud appears to be designed to trick Maddow and other news outlets into reporting something false, to give a bit of truth to the nasty guy’s claim of fake news. The scam would have discredited Maddow, MSNBC, mainstream media generally, and investigations into the nasty guy. All news outlets should verify what they receive because somebody is trying to discredit them. And for us news consumers, scrutinize everything. Our nation is facing new threats.

Of course, GOP Congresscritters are lying about the healthcare bill. We knew that all along. The latest is the talking point that 22 million people aren’t “losing” health insurance, they’re “choosing” to go without. Senator John Cornyn explained, “People will buy what they value.”

He left off an important phrase of that sentence: “… and can afford.”

McEwan adds:
Never mind that Cornyn and his reprehensible cronies are responsible for undercutting labor laws, empowering corporate greed, busting unions, and ignoring the cost to workers of automation for decades, which has made jobs with livable wages ever more scarce.

I’ve been reporting that the Commission on Election Integrity asked each Secretary of State to send in their voter rolls. Sources said that 41 (now 44) states refused that request. McEwan reports:
There are plenty of states, especially Republican-led states, who are making lots of grunty noises and outraged gestures about this request, but are, as [Commission leader Kris] Kobach says, complying with him as much as their laws allow.

If states legitimately refuse to comply, the commission will seek to procure the information in some other way. That means if you live in a Democratically-led state whose elected officials are protecting your privacy as you elected them to do, the federal government will try to do an end-run around them.

Commenter speedbudget adds:
Even Kansas said they won't do it. And Kobach is still Secretary of State here.

The nasty guy apparently had a productive meeting with his puppetmaster. So productive that Russian (!) Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that Moscow and Washington will set up a joint working group on cybersecurity.

Sarah Kendzior (who studies authoritarian regimes) tweeted:
This is the cybersecurity version of the voter fraud commission. It will commit the act it pretends to prevent.

The “working group” will merely formalize what has been happening all along -- the passing of US intel to the Kremlin through Trump team

Is any foreign gov’t going to share intelligence with us ever again?

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