Thursday, July 27, 2017

We don’t like this bill

The shenanigans in the Senate over healthcare continue to grow more bizarre. The plan as of this morning was to create a “skinny” repeal (include a repeal of the mandate to buy insurance and, oh yeah, defund Planned Parenthood) over lunch and vote on it this evening. Today’s session will include offering amendments – and the Dems have maybe a hundred to force GOP senators to go on record of opposing some pretty basic things.

Along the way several GOP senators are saying we don’t like this bill, but we hope we get something out of the conference with the House that we like better, so we’ll vote for it. So, Mr. McConnell, you are going to force a conference? Aren’t you?

Not surprisingly, several in the House are saying we’ll approve whatever the Senate sends us so we can be done with this.

It is strange that a simple idea isn’t getting through – if you don’t like the bill, don’t vote for it!

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