Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fascism? Nah

Sarah Kendzior was a guest on the Rob Burgess Show (with which I’m not familiar). Since she is an expert on terms such as authoritarian she was asked for definitions. I took notes while listening. My summary isn’t as elaborate as what she said.

Authoritarian: Power is concentrated in a dictator. There is a spectrum of how much power the dictator wields.

Kleptocracy: The dictator abuses power to make money.

Fascism: The state holds all power.

Kendzior noted that the nasty guy isn’t moving towards fascism. He doesn’t want the state to be supreme, he wants to destroy the state. That’s because only the state can interfere with his (usually corrupt) plans to make money.

There are many in the GOP, especially ultra religious conservatives (such as vice nasty guy), who do want fascism, they want their apparatus to hold all power.

Kendzior went on to compare the nasty guy and his vice. When the nasty guy lies, it is usually obvious. He is usually loud and obnoxious about it. When the vice lies he usually does it with such sincerity that people want to believe him. He is subtle and charming. After the veep debate the vice nasty guy was declared the winner (by some pundits) because he looked so sincere and “presidential” (a word Kendzior now detests) even though everything he said was a lie.

I can’t recommend listening to the Rob Burgess Show. The sound wasn’t all that good and the program did a lot of meandering over its hour.

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