Friday, July 14, 2017

Control of the White House

We’ve been hearing a lot lately, with ever increasing detail, about nasty guy junior and his meetings with Russians. Sen. Mark Warner, top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee now worries that nasty guy will pardon anyone involved in the expanding investigation. He may see his family threatened and move to protect them.

It’s pretty clear now that Vladimir Putin did – something – to get the nasty guy elected. That implies Putin has a wish list of things he wants the nasty guy to do. One of them appears to be to put a crack in the longtime alliance of Germany and America. That seems to be accomplished. Another is to return the diplomatic houses Obama took from the Russians. That item on the list isn’t going so smoothly. A likely third item (and there are surely many more items) is to remove the sanctions imposed on various rich Russians a few years ago.

So what happens if the nasty guy doesn’t move as quickly as Putin wants?

We might be seeing some of that, according to Melissa McEwan of Shakesville. All that stuff about nasty guy junior is likely because Putin is orchestrating the release of damaging information.

Which means Putin is already dictating what the US president does. It also means if Putin decides the nasty guy isn’t doing what Putin wants him to do, Putin can dictate whether the nasty guy stays in office.

McEwan says Americans do not have control of the White House. The only way to get it back is by removing the nasty guy.

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