Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dream for hacker and spy

I had written before about the request from the vice nasty guy and his Commission on Election Integrity. They had asked each state for full voter rolls, including bits of personal information, such as the last four digits of the SSN. I had previously reported that 22 states said no.

That count is now up to 41 states refusing the request. Only three states have “responded positively.” Others are still deciding or are not commenting.

I’ve heard that the Michigan Secretary of State will honor the request by providing only the data that is already publicly available. I guess that counts as one of the 41.

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes(D) put it this way, “There’s not enough bourbon in Kentucky to make sense of Trump Admin. request for voter information.”

Laura Clawson of DailyKos notes that if the Commission on Election Integrity does get all that voter info it will be a huge database that would be a dream for hacker and spy. The hacker to steal identity and the spy to collect data for blackmail.

Commenters to Clawson’s post note that with a name, residence, and the last 4 of the SSN the rest of the SSN can usually be figured out, making identity theft pretty easy. The first three digits of the SSN indicate the office that issued the number. For many people that is near where they currently live. Perhaps I’m safe because I don’t live in the state where I was born?

A couple other commenters note that the GOP would love a voter database and they would hate a gun owner database. Hmm.

A new poll looks at voters in three states – Colorado, Iowa, and North Carolina. All three have GOP senators who were elected in 2014 for seats previously held by Democrats. All three have voters who disapprove of the GOP “health” bill by a 2-1 margin and overwhelmingly said they were less likely to support senators who voted to repeal the ACA. All three face powerful vocal resistance movements. For example, the one in NC is led by Rev. William Barber, who leads Moral Monday protests.

The Senate currently has 52 GOP members.

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