Monday, July 24, 2017

You’ll like my numbers better

Over the last few months we’ve heard a lot about the Congressional Budget Office and their scores of the GOP replacements (or not) of the Affordable Care Act. The CBO says a particular version will throw 22 million of healthcare and the public notices. Aw, man, this really messes with the GOP’s agenda! Yeah, the CBO is being criticized.

The Heritage Foundation is super conservative. Some of us already heard from them last January. They were the ones who “suggested” Neil Gorsuch for the Supremes. The nasty guy could claim, “We didn’t talk about abortion,” because the Heritage Foundation had already assured the vice nasty guy that Gorsuch’s views were sufficiently anti-abortion.

Now it looks like the Heritage Foundation is introducing an amendment to an upcoming spending (?) bill to cut the CBO budget and lay off 89 people. The scoring (economic analysis of pending bills) would be outsourced to think-tanks – such as the Heritage Foundation. On Twitter Topher Spiro said, “This is a *massive* breach of democratic norms.”

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