Monday, February 8, 2010

The chair recognizes the senator from Michiana

With the current dysfunction in the US Senate there is renewed talk about it's imbalance. The two senators from Wyoming represent less than a half million people while the two from California represent over 33 million. Alas, the constitution says that changing the representation in the Senate needs approval from all 100 members, not the usual 2/3 needed to amend the constitution. What to do? If you can't adjust the senators, instead adjust the states. Here's a map showing state lines redrawn so that each one of the 50 states has a population of about 5.5 million. Given state politics around here the state of Michiana would be quite happy to be split off from the state of Detroit (which appears to be everything south of Flint), though Michiana would include the southern shore of Lake Michigan, including the city of Gary. State lines would then be redrawn after every 10 year census. Yeah, I know the headaches involved, but I like the thinking of coming at the problem through the back door.

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