Thursday, February 25, 2010

Don't Lie, Don't Misinform

The Palm Center took an extensive look at the 25 countries that allow gays into their military. This included all the studies associated with each country. Nathaniel Frank of the Palm Center was a guest on the radio show On Point. He said that gays caused no problems, no special accommodations were necessary, unit cohesion was improved, and harassment decreased. What's more the faster the change was implemented the better the results (in contrast to the US military needing a year to "study").

James Bowman of the Ethics and Public Policy Center was also on the program to give the opposing view. Frank was able to show why every one of Bowman's claims was wrong. The show is about an hour long and one must listen through lots of bigoted claims.

Media Matters has a campaign around the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law, titled Don't Lie, Don't Misinform to demand honesty in the debate around gays in the military. They offer their website as a resource so that journalists can verify what the Fundies say about the issue. This post includes many of the myths and the corresponding reality.

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  1. All these studies are ridiculous we only need look to other countries that have no issues with gays in their militaries.