Monday, February 8, 2010

Raising ruckus v. enduring political structure

Before the just concluded Tea Party Convention, Joe Scarborough commented on the success of the movement. Scarborough is GOP and co-hosts the MSNBC show Morning Joe. He wrote this commentary for Newsweek. Though the movement scares the Dems it will be very difficult to turn it into a political party (as much as my friend and debate partner want to fracture the GOP). The tea party was created out of a deep skepticism and dissatisfaction of the status quo. But the various leaders are as distrustful of each other as they are of the federal government they are battling. It is easy to raise a ruckus, difficult to create an enduring political structure. They may have a hard time dealing with success. However, they still can maintain enough bite to influence the 2010 election.

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