Thursday, February 11, 2010


According to the Washington Spectator (alas, links require subscription), Obama is a mediocre president. He has been frequently outfoxed by the GOP. Some of the evidence:

* Obama started his negotiations of last year's stimulus package by already conceding a great deal of the GOP position. They wanted tax cuts, even though cuts are less effective as a stimulus and the package included lots. But when you start by handing your opponent his basic position he is, naturally, going to push for more.

* A key part of the health care bill process was put in the hands of Max Baucus, who had already accepted a career total of $3 million from health care interests. Baucus slowed down his committee's work even while the GOP discussed their strategy of keeping the bill off the Senate floor until after the summer recess -- which the GOP used to stir up the specter of death panels. Obama stood by until it was too late.

* Bush accomplished a great deal more, governing as if he had a mandate, with a tiny margin in the House and 49-51 deficit in the Senate. Yet Obama is stymied while having a wide margin in the House and 57 votes in the Senate.

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  1. Um.

    It sounds like the Spectator's simply wrong.

    See, this Congress/Presidency partnership has been the most successful since Reagan, according to this:

    Just because the big-name issues haven't been successful doesn't mean other issues have failed; and just because Obama's been more bipartisan than some believe he should (remember, he's got to appeal to moderates, independents, and even conservatives who voted him into office, and he represents the whole country, not just liberals) doesn't mean he's failed.

    Don't believe everything you read!