Thursday, February 18, 2010

In search of leadership

Admiral Mullen, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the one outspoken for repeal of the military's ban on gays, went to Amman, Jordan to talk to the troops there. He was surprised, since he had made so much news about it, that none of the soldiers brought up the issue of serving with openly gay soldiers. So Mullen himself brought it up. The response: a yawn -- no big deal, let's get on to real issues. Soldiers did say they would prefer the ban be repealed promptly so the debate doesn't get in the way of fighting two wars.

Alas, repeal of the ban is going nowhere. Obama isn't pushing it. Dems in the House and Senate are each waiting for the other to act because they are afraid of reigniting the culture wars. Even the Human Rights Campaign, the gay organization with the purpose of prodding the prez. and Congress seems to not want to make waves. Nobody is actually leading on the issue, in spite of overwhelming support by Americans and the common soldier declaring it to be a non-issue, and in spite of Dems appearing to be weak and without any principles at all.

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