Thursday, February 11, 2010


According to the counter I see when I post entries to this blog this is post 1000! And it has taken me only 2 1/4 years to do that much writing.

Let me use this as a moment to take a break from being profound.

I shoveled over 6 inches of snow yesterday morning. By the time I ventured out in the afternoon there were no traffic problems. Even my own street had been plowed by then (my city can take several days to get around to it when there is only an inch or two). I saw cars by the side of the highway, but traffic flowed at posted speed (or above as drivers in the area tend to do).

When I got to the Ruth Ellis Center I was rushed away from the kitchen for a special project. So I didn't serve the food (and smell the fries being fried) or clean the pots, my usual chores. My project for the evening was a lot more fun. I was given a large bag of teddy bears (and related critters, one a stegosaurus), a box of toiletries, and a bag of scarves. I put a few toiletries in a plastic bag, attached it to the plastic chord around the bear's neck that already held a greeting card, and then wrapped a (carefully chosen color coordinated) scarf around the critter. It was fun to see the 20 year old gay guys express their delight in choosing a bear to keep.

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