Monday, May 14, 2012

But we've got to work on job creation

The Colorado governor did demand an extended session of the state legislature so that the House would pass the civil union bill. The House Speaker sent the bill off to another committee. Since all the members of that committee are in safe seats they have no problem defying the general sentiment of voters and of the House and killing the bill.

When asked why he did it that way the Speaker said that he doesn't have time for divisive social issues. There's lots of work to do for job creation and economic recovery.

Comments to the post said:

* This was a special session of the legislature to consider this bill so it wasn't taking up time for any other work.

* So what job creation and economic recovery bills have you passed this session?

* Well, actually, there were 50 other bills, many on economic issues, that didn't come up because you were so anxious to kill the civil union bill.

* The GOP are creating jobs … in China.

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