Thursday, May 17, 2012

Casting out demons

Rev. Bob Larson, for $9.95, offers an online test to verify whether or not you have a demon. In the interest of science Rob Tisinai tried it out (with a sponsor donating the $10). The result?
Rob Tisinai, confirmed homosexual, gay blogger, not a Believer an any conventional sort of deity, and one of the officially designated “homomafioso of Queer, Incorporated who oversee the image of Faggotry love.” And I don’t have a demon.
Yeah, it's a fraud. Sheesh, the questions were so predictable. But it does allow someone to brag:
I don’t have a demon; the test told me so. I’m not sure about you.
Which means it allows the test taker to be smug. And that is a great way to ruin a soul.

So Tisinai came up with his own demon test. Here are a few of the questions (see his post for the rest).
* Do you focus your outrage on sins that don’t tempt you?

* Do you condemn whole populations on what a few members do?

* Do you feel more ire than compassion at the failings of others?
He concludes:
It’s better to know your demons and wrestle them than to pay $10 for assurance they aren’t there.

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