Friday, May 25, 2012

The sweet nectar of a complete and happy life

Andy Gipson of Mississippi and James Lankford of Oklahoma have both been hiding behind the Bible as they verbally bash gay people. That prompted this gem from Alvin McEwen:
We have discovered that we have been bamboozled into believing that we are not worthy to sit at the table of the American experience or to taste that sweet nectar known by many as a complete and happy life complete with a partner who loves us and children we will raise if we so desire. We have discovered that we have been unfairly relegated to the floor and tricked into settling for stale crumbs and lukewarm water thrown at us by folks like Lankford and Gipson as they cast nasty looks while clutching their Bibles and reciting supposed admonitions against homosexuality and making sure to omit other verses telling them to love their neighbor and not judge their fellow human beings.

After years of being told that there was no place at the table for us by people like Lankford and Gipson, we have not only discovered that not only is there a comfy chair at the table with our names on it, but there is also a bottle of sweet nectar with our names specifically on it.

So I feel safe in speaking for a majority of the gay community when I say to people like Lankford, Gipson and the rest:

You had better slide aside because we are going to sit at that table and we are going to take a full drink of that nectar because it belongs to us. It’s ours. It doesn’t belong solely to you.

And nothing you do or say will keep us from it.

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