Monday, May 14, 2012

Why vote for something that hurts so many?

People are still reacting to North Carolina marriage protection amendment approved last week. Mike Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, gave a commencement address at the University of North Carolina. Since the mayor played a big part in getting marriage equality in his state, he had a few things to say to a state that had just banned same-sex marriage.

The WE DO campaign is guiding same-sex couples to ask for marriage licenses in North Carolina. Yes, they are refused, but it is great publicity.

A ten-year-old girl asked her father about the new gay marriage ban. He couldn't explain why people voted for it and suggested she ask the voters. So she did, through a letter to the local newspaper. It's a gem.
Dear North Carolina
Why would anyone vote for something that would hurt so many people? Did you even know what the Amendment was about before voting for it? I wore my NOH8 shirt to school today. I know what it means because my mommy and daddy taught me that it is not okay to hate anyone. In school, they teach that bullying is wrong. Is it less wrong when people vote for it? I can’t vote. It is your job to vote in ways that are best for the future. How is this for the best? What happens to your kids’ futures if they are gay? Is this best for them? What happens to my friend’s future when she gets sick and cannot go to the doctor? What do you tell kids who have two mommies and daddies? Black and white people were not always allowed to get married. I am mixed with black and white. Do you hate me too?

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