Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Democrat with a spine

The Colorado Senate approved a civil union bill for the state. The House had enough votes (thanks to 3 GOP members) to do the same. The Majority Leader filibustered to let perhaps 30 bills die at the end of the session (which ended yesterday) rather than allow a vote for civil unions. In response Gov. Hickenlooper says he will extend the session until the civil unions bill is discussed and acted on. It is nice when a Democrat finds his spine.

Mitt Romney hired Richard Grenell, a gay man, to serve as a foreign policy advisor. Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association raised a stink, prompting the Romney campaign to force Grenell to work from behind the scenes. Grenell quit. Fischer crowed at his ability to get the Romney campaign to do his bidding. Then Fischer said that if Romney caved that easily he wasn't fit to be president.

Ten years ago Dr. John Corvino, gay ethics professor at Wayne State University, talked about the Bible and slavery. There are three options:

* Deny the passages really endorse slavery. That's pretty hard to do with Leviticus 25:44-46.

* Say the Bible contains no errors and that slavery really is morally acceptable. This option should be forcefully rejected. That leaves us with…

* Admit the Bible contains some error -- more likely our understanding than with what God intends.

Dan Savage now echoes Corvino's conclusion: If the Bible can be wrong about slavery it is also wrong about homosexuality.

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