Monday, May 21, 2012

Getting to know the family

20 shocking consequences of Massachusetts legalizing gay marriage (which happened 8 years ago). This photo essay shows it made lots of people happy.

Why did gay rights gain acceptance in America so much more quickly than Black rights? Straight families got to know their gay members. White families didn't know Black families.

I read the Occupy Wall Street blog about the protests in Chicago leading up to the NATO meeting there. I'm very aware the reporting is one sided -- I heard nothing (but I don't watch TV) and these postings say not much about the protests is getting into the mainstream media. Even so, these reports give many examples of non-violent protests being met with police brutality. My thoughts again turn to actions of oppressed (non-violence) meeting those of the oppressors (violence). Check out the posts for the photos. And for the comments. The second one says that the House is discussing a bill that says the United States will prepare for war with Iran to make sure it doesn't get nuclear weapons. And one of the ways corporations convince us that it is appropriate for them to take over our government is a state of perpetual war.

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