Sunday, May 27, 2012

Conservatives should be delighted with Obama

Bill Maher is puzzled why the GOP hates Obama so much. It appears that the GOP is getting what they want from Obama and progressives aren't. Big banks weren't broken up. The increases to the national debt are down significantly. Palin chanted "drill baby drill!" and under Obama there is more drilling than ever. Obama conceded gov't spending needs cutting. All of these are conservative demands. Corporate profits are highest ever. Obama is a lousy socialist.
So the question remains. How could you guys be so unhappy with Obama while I'm so unhappy with Obama? You think you got coal in your stocking? I wanted single payer health care, a carbon emissions bill, gun control and legalized pot. If you get to carry around all this outrage over me getting that [stuff], shouldn't I have gotten it?

So just admit it. This isn't about what Obama is. It's about what you need him to be. Because hating him is what gets you up in the morning.

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