Friday, June 20, 2014

Assessing blame

There seems to be two basic GOP talking points about what is going on with the ISIS takeover in parts of Iraq. One is that the original war (started way back in 2003) was a “mistake.” Dennis Kucinich (remember him?) in an article for Huffington Post says that saying the war was a mistake is the language of denial. No, going to war was intentional and happened because we were lied to. Kucinich now calls on Obama to state those lies, so we can see the current situation clearly. Kucinich also calls on media to stop giving free air time to those who won't tell the truth of the start of the war or those who profited from the war.

The second talking point is the current mess is all Obama's fault. While Obama's mistakes in Syria strengthened ISIS, it was Bush who started a war that didn't need to be fought, it was Bush who kicked all the Baath Party members out of their jobs (the people who now form the core of ISIS), and it was Bush who created the timetable for the Iraq pullout before Iraq was stable.

Is Obama blame free? No. But neither is the GOP.

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