Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So much for the damsel

I have good news about the pastor who was defrocked last fall. See the post on my brother blog.

I just found out about a new children's book (because the Fundies are complaining about it). It is The Princes and the Treasure by Jeffrey Miles and J.L. Phillips, published by Handsome Prince Publishing (sounds like a Do-It-Yourself venture). Prince Gallant and Prince Earnest are called upon to rescue Princess Elena (that old damsel-in-distress adventure). Do they fight over the girl, once she's rescued? Um, no. (spoiler alert!) The two princes fall in love with each other. A picture of the wedding here and details of the book here.

Among the groups leading of the NYC Pride Parade will be a contingent of Boy Scouts. They are protesting the national organization's policies on gay leaders.

My friend and debate partner called me at 11:00 this morning saying the Diane Rehm Show on public radio was about to do a segment interviewing Ted Olson and David Boies, the lead lawyers in the Proposition 8 case that brought same-sex marriage back to California. A reason for the interview now is the two lawyers have co-authored a book Redeeming the Dream: The Case for Marriage Equality. I listened (delaying running errands for a while) and thought it was well done. I didn't learn much new because the two men are also featured in the HBO film The Case Against 8 which I had recently seen. You can listen to the segment (about 50 minutes) or read the transcript.

Attorney General Eric Holder reports that federal gov't agencies are in compliance with last year's ruling by the Supremes that says the gov't must treat same-sex couples equally – at least as much as the law permits. There are still issues with the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration where the law determines marriage based on the state of residence. Congress (or another lawsuit) must change the law (though there is some dispute about that).

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