Friday, June 20, 2014

Don't want discrimination

Wednesday, August 6 will be a big gay day at the 6th Circuit Court. This circuit is made up of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. All four states will have same-sex marriage cases heard on that day. The one in Michigan is about the right to marry. The other three have to do with having a marriage recognized by the state in some way, such as the Ohio case to have a death certificate declare a person married with a same-sex spouse.

That is the day before I start my vacation, so I don't know how quickly I'll report on the day (I will blog during my travels). Then again, this is when the cases will be heard, not when the court will rule.

There are many people and groups who have filed supportive briefs with the 6th Circuit Court. There are 25 prominent Republicans, including former House Speaker Rick Johnson. Over 50 companies document the impact when they are not allowed to treat their employees the same. Groups representing police officers and first responders don't want discrimination. Current and former members of the military. Regional and national religious organizations and clergy, including interfaith groups. Leading family law professors declare the harm to children. American Sociological Association and American Psychological Association list studies kids of gay couples are just as well-adjusted. A total of 31 briefs were filed.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has added his name to the list of Mayors for the Freedom to Marry. He is the 19th in Michigan.

In just the last two weeks three Michigan cities have approved anti-discrimination ordinances for sexual minorities. The cities are Fenton, Canton, and Sterling Heights. The total is now 36 cities and townships. Canton officials were not sure they needed to act with so much talk of adding sexual minorities to the state civil rights law. But speakers at the Canton City Council meeting described the good things that would come from passing such an ordinance. Between the Lines has details of the meeting.

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