Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cop kisses boyfriend

Three, maybe four, weeks ago I turned off my furnace. I haven't used it or the air conditioner since then. This is rare for Michigan where some years I've used the two in adjacent days. So, yeah, it has been a cool late spring. There were a few days above 80F, but the inside of my house stayed below that. And there were a few nights, such as Friday night, where if the furnace was on it would have run. I do have to do a bit of heat management in closing windows in the morning and opening up in the evening. The weather forecast for the coming week means I may have to finally turn on the AC.

The premier of Ontario is a lesbian! Back in January Kathleen Wynne got the position through a vote of her fellow party delegates. This past week she was elected by the people. For those of us in America this means she won her own district and her party won a majority in the Ontario legislature -- with voters knowing the head of the party is a lesbian. As part of her acceptance speech she thanked her wife, who joined Wynne on stage.

A nice way to annoy Westboro Baptist Church: At DC's Pride Parade, police officer D.J. Stalter kissed his boyfriend Mark Raimondo directly in front of the WBC protesters.

The ban on same-sex marriage in Wisconsin is officially struck down and that ruling is officially stayed until the 7th Circuit deals with the case. District Judge Barbara Crabb did not want to issue the stay. She had seen the joy in newly married same-sex couples. She issued it because she figured that either the 7th Circuit or the Supremes would do it if she didn't. No word on the legality of the hundreds of Wisconsin couples who got married in the last week.

Cows have microbes in their digestive tract to break down the cellulose in grass and other plants. This is a critical part of their digestion. Those microbes give off methane, in such quantities (given all the cows worldwide) that it is a significant contributor to global climate change. So various scientists are looking into either a food additive or a vaccine to get the microbes in cows to give off less methane. They are aware that if either one changes the taste of the milk or beef the public won't buy it. There's even a bit of discussion on safety to humans -- and a lot of discussion of "clean milk" as a marketing campaign. But the article never mentions whether either method of interference also disrupts the cow's digestion and what that does to the nutrients in the beef or milk.

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