Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Leading the parade

News notes:

I had written about the series of news features on NPR about the trend of courts charging court costs to the defendant, and when they can't pay, tossing them in jail. That news series has prompted the formation of the Ability to Pay Workgroup, appointed by the Michigan Supreme Court. Perhaps reforms will come.

The Department of Defense has approved having a military color guard march in the Capital Pride parade in DC. The guard will present the American flag and flags from each branch of the armed forces. This is a first. Though no policy banned the use of a color guard in pride parades previous requests were met with sorry, the guard is busy that day.

New Heart Community Church in La Mirada, Calif. is a part of the Southern Baptist Convention. It's pastor is Danny Cortez. Danny's son Drew came out as gay. The father is delighted he had already been rethinking his positions on sexual minorities. The son's coming out prompted the father to give the sermon "Why I Changed My Mind on Sexuality." The congregation voted to support the pastor (though a few left) and agreed to study the issues surrounding sexual minorities in the SBC. There's an open question: Will the SBC push the church out of the denomination?

Two years ago language opposing same-sex marriage was removed from the GOP Party Platform in Indiana. That was done to appeal to more moderate voters. But the language is back with overwhelming approval.

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