Sunday, September 20, 2015

A caricature

Yeah, Kim Davis again. There has been lots of talk (mainly from her) that the marriage licenses issued by her deputies are invalid. One reason why she is making that claim is she hid all copies of the original form and created a new version with some notable changes. Her deputy now initials the form rather than signs it. The new form now requires a notary. Her name is not on it. The judge instructed her to not interfere. Is this revision interference? One advantage of these shenanigans is that support for religious liberty laws is eroding. Ari Ezra Waldman explains why: She's a caricature, one that has lost the sheep's clothing to reveal the wolf. Misused religion turns people off. She cannot win. She is the only one resisting the law.

The number of counties in the nation in which the minimum wage matches the local cost of living: zero. The minimum wage was originally designed to match the cost of living.

Melissa McEwen of Shakesville takes issue with my friend and debate partner's frequently expressed idea that the solution to free speech that is ugly is more free speech. She is tired of defending herself against her oppressors, those who do her harm because she is female, a woman of size, and believes she should have the final say in what goes on in her womb. Those messages are prevalent through the culture. She's heard them a million times. So she refuses to engage, which is a legitimate response. By extension it is legitimate to ask an institution to refuse to host a speaker she knows will be offensive.

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