Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rosa Parks or George Wallace?

The American news cycle has not yet gotten tired of Kim Davis. Sigh.

Davis has been compared to Rosa Parks. This cartoon quickly explains what nonsense that is.

George Takei blasts Davis for imposing her beliefs on others. When challenged that he doesn't know his First Amendment he responded by saying the challenger doesn't know the second half of the amendment. "Ms. Davis is in effect establishing religion by using her governmental powers to impose her religious views."

Terrence Heath looks into the results of her efforts to be a martyr. That martyr thing isn't working out so well. Americans just aren't that into her. What was expected to be a solid wall of conservative support has a lot of cracks in it. Fox News called her attorney "ridiculously stupid." Conservative columnist George Will has compared her to George Wallace. Only four GOP prez. candidates are firmly on her side. Another six have been vague. And three more say she must uphold the law or resign. Though conservatives had said hundreds would be dragged off to jail, Davis is the single case. And only 26% of Americans approve of what she is doing.

Maybe Heath should hold off on that single case thing. Back in May, in preparation for the marriage ruling by the Supremes, the state legislature in North Carolina held by the GOP passed a law allowing county magistrates to opt out of performing marriages as long as someone is available for those duties. That's not working so well for McDowell County. All four magistrates have invoked their rights to not perform marriages. So two magistrates from Rutherford County drive to McDowell County three days a week.

There appears to be a new "sheriff" in town. They are the Oath Keepers and describe themselves as a "Christian patriot" militia (wow, quite the contradiction in terms!). They recently showed up in Ferguson, Missouri to "help" the police keep down civil unrest. That was scary enough – badass white dudes loaded with military gear in a town already in turmoil over how the police treat black people. But this crosses the line into what looks like sedition: Members of the Oath Keepers are beginning to show up in the town where Davis lives saying they will intercede if the judge sends Davis back to jail.

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