Friday, September 4, 2015

Only my religious freedom matters

Kim Davis, the stubborn county clerk in Kentucky, is staying in jail for a while. With her not in the office, marriage certificates are being issued to same-sex couples. Photos here. Through her lawyer Davis is declaring that without her signature all those marriage licenses are worthless.

Timothy Kincaid of Box Turtle Bulletin was hoping Davis would get sanctions, but not jail. This allows the Fundies to crow about her being a martyr and all this an attack on Christians. That helps politicians, such as Huckabee, who rely on division for their power. I had written that Davis was refusing to let her deputies issue marriage licenses so her fingers wouldn't be tainted. Kincaid says that means her religious freedom matters. The religious freedom of her deputies does not.

Excuse me a moment while I turn off the hypocrisy alarm...

A flight attendant newly converted to Islam has asked, then sued, her airline to accommodate her unwillingness to serve alcohol (though she is not demanding the airline completely stop serving alcohol). Naturally, the Fundie blogsphere exploded in outrage. How dare this Muslim woman not do her job! That prompted Joe Jervis to respond:
Brand new religious fervor? Check. Won’t do the job she was hired for? Check. Demand for special exemption? Check. Public denied totally legal service? Check. But hey – this time it’s not a godly white Christian woman, therefore very suddenly (and only-this-one-time-plus-for-all-other-Muslims) separation of church and state is an actual THING.

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