Friday, September 4, 2015

An electable agenda

Is Bernie Sanders "electable?" He's gathering big crowds and the only candidate talked about more than Bernie is Donald (hmm, don't know the source of that statement and makes me wonder if Bernie is indeed talked about more than Hillary – and what kind of era are we in where I can refer to prez. candidates by their first names?). I have issues with Bernie, but a choice between him and any of the GOP candidates would be a quick and easy choice.

I'll leave the question of Bernie's electability to the progress of history. Instead, with the help of Terrence Heath, I'll look at the electability of the agenda that Bernie is promoting. Here are the results of polls on some of Bernie's issues (with more on Heath's post).

71% of likely 2016 voters support debt-free college at all public universities.

78% believe gov't should limit greenhouse gasses.

65% believe income inequality is a problem that needs to be addressed now.

81% think money has too much influence in elections today.

71% support giving all Americans a choice of buying health insurance through Medicare or private insurers.

68% are in favor of increasing taxes on those making more than $1 million a year.

75% support fair trade that protects workers, the environment, and jobs.

84% support making sure working women earn equal pay.

66% support breaking up banks that are "too big to fail."

With Bernie's issues pulling this favorably, he's attracting interest, and possible votes, not just from progressives, but from many independents and conservatives as well.

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