Monday, September 7, 2015

On top of Ohio

Yeah, the stubborn county clerk, Kim Davis, is still in jail. Allen Clifton asks her the important question. With this question he sidesteps Davis' statement that her three divorces don't matter to this debate because they happened before she became Christian.
I wonder how Kim Davis would have felt when she filed for her first of multiple divorces the judge refused to grant her that divorce, citing that doing so went against biblical law.

Over many decades Alaskans have been trying to officially change the tallest mountain in North America from Mt. McKinley to Denali, the name the natives had long used. Denali is also the name of the national park around the mountain. But each time the issue comes before Congress a senator from Ohio blocked the move because President McKinley was from Ohio. Now Obama has used an obscure rule and issued an executive order to make the name change. Ohioans are predictably outraged.

There is now a petition on the White House website that hopes to switch the issue around. If Ohio insists on the name of a mountain in Alaska, then perhaps Alaska gets to name a mountain in Ohio. Well, yeah, the highest point in Ohio, currently named Campbell Hill, is only 1550 feet. But that's about the right height to become Mount Sarah Palin.

John Oliver of Last Week Tonight spent 14 minutes tackling a huge misconception – because of the legalization of same-sex marriage nearly 70% of Americans believe it is illegal to discriminate against gay people. But there are no non-discrimination laws in 31 states and a federal bill to ban discrimination has no GOP supporters.

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