Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ridiculously stupid

Kim Davis, that stubborn county clerk in Kentucky, has been released from jail. Her release was accompanied with an order from the judge that she not interfere with the issuing of marriage licenses. There are bets that she'll violate the order within two days. Of course, there are still claims that licenses without her signature are invalid.

As for her attorney, Matt Staver of the Liberty Counsel, he has been declared "ridiculously stupid" … by Fox News.

Yesterday, the Liberty Counsel had demanded Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear release Davis. His reply was the he would not even respond to the motion.

A Rasmussen poll issued today reports that only 26% of Americans believe that Kim Davis should be free to defy the Supreme Court.

Matt Baume reports Congress is considering a First Amendment Defense Act. Baume says a better name would be the Kim Davis Cloning Act. The bill says that anyone can refuse to do their job or follow the law if it means recognizing same-sex couples. He discusses the wide variety of ways that could impact gay couples. But wait! This bill isn't doesn't restricted to same-sex couples. It could impact the unwed mother or anyone buying condoms.

Yes, of course, the First Amendment already covers freedom of religion. But this bill would gut another part of the First Amendment, the part that prohibits the state from establishing a religion. The bill says in the area of marriage (which had better be one man, one woman) our religious view of this matters, yours doesn't.

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