Friday, August 1, 2014

But don't vote for her

After my lament in deciding who to vote for in the state representative race my friend and debate partner sent me a note telling of his voting frustrations. Most of it is about particular candidates, so not of interest to a wider audience. However, two paragraphs are worth sharing. Towards the beginning he wrote:
Why are the candidates for Governor, Senator and my State Senator unchallenged? Does no one want to debate over those offices? That's shameful. The candidates should have to sell themselves to the electorate and win my votes.
There is definitely a Dem and GOP candidate for those offices, but there aren't two Dem candidates vying for a spot on the November ballot. And towards the end:
Overall, another frustrating election. I am highly displeased with the quality of my government, but feel powerless to improve it. This mighty Right To Vote always feels shabby in practice; I am far more gamed upon than informed, despite a considerable effort to figure out the ballot.

Today I got another batch of flyers touting candidates for various contests in Tuesday's primary. There was a first – a flyer said don't vote for this candidate and listed a conflict of interest with her husband's job. There's no way to verify the claim is truthful (and it rarely is in these cases). Does that mean she's the one conservatives are most afraid of? So I should vote for her?

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