Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Travelogue – big bang

About 10:00 this evening I heard a few explosions. Then a few more. Hey, that sounds like fireworks! So I looked out my window. I could see some of them. Others were hidden by the corner of the building next door. I think they were shot off from the river. I didn't go outside for a better view because it was still raining – yeah, fireworks in the rain. After about 20 minutes I went down to the desk to find out what was being celebrated. She didn't know for sure but thought it was some company doing it for company reasons. The two of us, plus a guy from Oklahoma who was sitting nearby, got into a discussion about who has the worse winters – Detroit or Quebec. According to her stats, Quebec wins. The whole fireworks show was about 30 minutes. Time for bed.

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