Friday, August 1, 2014


Good news from Uganda! That nasty Anti-Homosexualty Act went before the country's Constitutional Court where it was nullified. The reason given is the act was passed in such haste last December the House Speaker didn't have a quorum when the vote was taken. A quorum is only one-third of the House. The court did not address whether the law violated the country's constitution.

The case went before the court in March. Cases sometimes languish for years. But suddenly last week the court scheduled hearings for this week and denied extensions when the attorney for the state said she couldn't get ready in time. The rush led to speculation of politics behind the scenes – President Museveni might have whispered in the court's ear because the World Bank is holding up a $90 million loan. He also doesn't want to miss out on a Summit of African Leaders to be held in Washington next week.

The bill will likely be reintroduced. But it must start over, with motions for permission to introduce the bill and a certificate of financial implication. And this time around, with countries refusing aid, it is known the financial implication is high.

With the law sexual minorities were facing vigilantism. Without the law, they may not be put in jail, but they face a backlash.

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