Thursday, August 28, 2014

Let there be light

I came home this evening to lights in houses down the street. I opened the door and could hear the radio playing – if it loses power while on there is no way to turn it off. So, yes, I have power. According to the bedroom clock it came on about 2:45 this afternoon. That's more than a day earlier than the electric company originally estimated. Yes, power was back before my cooking session with my friend and debate partner and before my evening in the library.

Alas, the outage trashed my saved browser tabs. So all those wonderful things I was going to tell you about before my travels have been lost. Well, there was one I remembered and found again.

Gary Glenn has been the head of the American Family Association in Michigan, meaning he is the state's top homophobe. He was instrumental in getting the 2004 marriage protection passed here and has been making life as nasty for us as he possibly can. There have been many times in the last dozen years that when Glenn spoke the GOP legislators here jumped to do his bidding. Thankfully, his influence is waning.

But back in the beginning of this month in the Michigan primary, Glenn won the GOP nomination for the state House for the 98th district. That includes Midland and small communities nearby.

I recently received an email (asking for a donation) that said there are several homophobes that won their primary in GOP safe districts. In Glenn's district, however, there is a belief that he can be defeated.

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