Saturday, August 16, 2014

So don't listen

When I last posted I reported on a new, defective, study by Mark Regnerus, “proving” that those who believe same-sex marriage is permissible come to believe other Very Bad Things are also permissible. I had commented that my friend and debate partner would notice the confusion between correlation and causation. My friend replied:
I agree with Burroway that Regnerus' busybody concerns with things not his business, such as other people's sexual and reproductive behavior, discredit him anew. More proof that we need not listen to him.
While a great many people don't listen to Regnerus, especially after his debacle in the Michigan case, some people still do listen – those whose beliefs match those of Regnerus.

As long as those people continue to listen to Regnerus, the rest of us need to continue to heap scorn and derision on the man and his ideas.

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